Homeowners know they save up to 3% - 7% in commission by selling their home on their own.  However, the most successful home sellers are those who take an active role in the selling process by engaging a professional agent.

Advantages of Selling Your Home on Your Own

v No commission paid to real estate agents.


v The homeowner receives all the proceeds less any advertising or marketing costs that have been invested in advertising the home and having Open Houses.


v The homeowner has total control of the entire transaction from start to finish.


v You are always present for home showings, answering questions about unique things about your home and providing detailed information about the neighborhood.

Disadvantages of Selling Your Home on Your Own


v If mistakes are made, you can blame no one but yourself.


v You will have to rely on your gut instinct about buyers and their interest in your home.


v You will have to absorb the advertising costs of selling your home. This includes promotional flyers for information stands, ads in the local newspapers, and Internet ads. These expenses will cut into your profit from the sale of your home.


v Unless you pay to have your home listed on the Multiple Listing Services in your area, you will not have access to the buyers like professional agents do.


v Without knowing how to compare your property to others in your area you may under price or over price your home for today’s market.


v You must become knowledgeable of the legal and financial aspects of selling your home.


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We can take the pressure off of you when trying to sell your home on your own.